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***All of this does not give the Government and Politicians the right to act like this was a big hit to Organized Crime. Anyone with integrity would do this for the reasons I state below, not for political gain and to falsify wins in the lost war on drugs.***

One thing that makes the trial not such a waste of tax money is El Chappo is alot like Tekashi 69... Although more authentic El Chapo was still the face of a larger criminal organization. and he did the same things as 69 when it came to glorifying criminality by making it seem like he could do it publicly and still be famous. They cause violent offenders to be more brazen.

Although 69 propagated much more out right senseless violence, El Chapo was apart and the apparent head of one of the largest criminal organizations in the world. In turn he took on every action of every Mexican criminal organizations in the eyes of the world. Therefore glorifying much more than 69.

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